League Registration

We are so excited to offer you this opportunity to play in the Nationwide Tactical Laser Tag League. (What is The TLT League? - TLT League) Your $65 registration fee includes six weeks of once a week game play and the squad-required neck gaiters. No equipment is required! See details below.


League Play will be six weeks starting the week of May 3rd 2021. Please fill out this registration so we can decide the best days for play. 

Names and Ages of children playing from your family:

Do you want to form your own squad? A squad is 4-5 players. If yes, please list all recruits names for your squadron. You can also list names of other recruits you would like to play with even if you don't have a squad formed:

**Depending on the amount of recruits we receive, squadrons will be divided up in groups of 4-5 recruits with age groups of : 8-11, 12-17 & an adult league. Details to follow. You can choose to form your own squadron or we will randomly select. If you would like to create your own squadron then please list the recruits in the squadron category in the paragraph above. 

We are taking a survey on the best nights for game play so we will keep you posted on the schedule and the designated park we will be playing in. Each recruit will receive a league neck gaiter for your designated squad. Briefing video will be emailed to recruits before league starts to introduce equipment, league rules and more. 

*Payment will be due after the registration form is complete. You will receive a confirmation email with a payment link to pay by credit card or you can choose to Venmo your payment to avoid processing fees. We look forward to making this season fun and exciting!

Our start date is Weds May 5th 2021 and we will be playing at the Canterbury Park in Syracuse. (the park behind the movie theater). Our start time will be at 5:30pm. More details will be emailed. 

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