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  • How does booking Nexus TLT work?  Nexus is a MOBILE laser tag unit that brings the party to your location!  Nexus uses high tech laser tag equipment that works during day or night, inside or outside, this isn't your typical family fun center type of laser tag.  Nexus brings everything needed to setup to transform any location into a battle filed.  This includes all the barricades to hide in and behind, scoreboard, sound system, game coach, software and networking equipment and the taggers/headbands.  Nexus requires an hour to setup prior to game play and about 45 mins for take down.

  • How does playing at Parks work?  If you choose to play at a public park and want a pavilion, the pavilion must be coordinated through the city to rent.  We will arrive an hour before game time to set up on a grass location near pavilion. All parks are first come first serve unless specifically reserved thru the city.

  • What is the Recommended Age? Nexus recommends ages 8 and up.  The equipment is equipped with red dot scopes that are very accurate at a range up to 100 yards.  We have found that kids younger than 8 have a hard time using the scopes but they still love playing.  The game coaches are there to help the kids understand how the equipment operates and to make sure every player is having a memorable experience.

  • What type of Game Plays are available?  Nexus offers lots of different games plays to keep the guests active and working as a team in different Mission Plays.  Some of the popular missions are Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Domination, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Infect, VIP and many more to choose from.  One of the cool functions of the software we use is that we can program custom games.  If you have a recommendation for one of your favorite games that you have played on a video game console, during Airsoft or any other time, please reach out and let's talk.  We are positive we can program up the game for you to try out during your event.

  • How does the Deposit and Payment work?  To book the event day and time, a $100 deposit is required.  The deposit goes toward the total amount of the event.  The remaining total is due at the end of the event.  Nexus accepts Venmo, cash, check and credit card.  Credit card sales we do add a 3.5% service fee charge to the total costs of the event.  If the event has to be rescheduled, you will have up to a year to reschedule.  If you do not reschedule within a year, you will lose your deposit.

  • Is the Laser Tag Equipment Safe?  Nexus TLT uses IR lasers so they cannot hurt customers eyes.  There are no projectiles that can hurt players.  Nexus is similar to playing Paintball and Airsoft without the pain.  Nexus provides a fun safe environment. 

  • How does the Equipment work?  Nexus uses the top tactical laser tag gear on the market (Commercial Grade) and not your traditional black light laser tag gear.  The gear uses headbands instead of bulky vests and there are no wires to worry about.  Everything talks through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  The laser tag guns have real red dot holographic sights that must be used during game plays.  The cool thing about Nexus gear is that the laser tag guns can be hundreds of different types of guns by a click in the software.  No worries about paying extra for a sniper, fully automatic or an assault rifle.  We got you covered by assigning your laser tag gun those gun modes during game play.  The different gun modes have different stats, accuracy, damage, reload time, etc.

  • How does it work if the weather affects the event?  We understand Mother Nature can be unpredictable.  We are happy to work with you in any way possible.  We watch weather very closely because we cannot run in winds over 14 mph and in wet weather.  We will recommend moving days if needed but if you want to attempt to do the event and Nexus comes out and is unable to run, you will be charged your deposit to cover travel costs.  The deposit you paid will go towards the rescheduled event and no additional charge will be added.  You will have a year to reschedule your event.

  • What if we need to cancel the event?  You must cancel two weeks prior to your event for any circumstances other than weather.  Your deposit will be refunded or will go towards the rescheduled event and no additional charge will be added.


Nexus TLT strives to provide the best customer service available for any private event.  Nexus TLT loves doing private events because that allows the Game Coaches to focus on the people attending the event.  The best thing about doing private events is that players never have to sit out due to other customers waiting to play.  Nexus is owner ran and we want to make sure every event exceeds our customers' expectations.  We look forward to providing you a great experience. 

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